Cheap Meat and the Microbiome

Cheap Meat and the Microbiome

To kick off the Microbiome Symposium, journalist Maryn McKenna will discuss antibiotic use in agriculture.

Life at Vet U

Life at Vet U

The six-part series premieres Saturday, October 1 at 10 PM ET/PT.

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Johne's-Crohn's link

Johne's-Crohn's Link?

Penn Vet-CHOP partnership probes the similarities between these two diseases.

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Hammer, Dr. Chris Ryan, and Hammer's owner, Nikki Becker

When Standard Radiography Isn't Enough

What if your horse had an injury that didn't appear on a regular radiograph? New Bolton Center's robots to the rescue.

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McBaine, Cancer Detection Dog at Penn Vet Working Dog Center

The Nose Knows

A Springer Spaniel methodically sniffs twelve ports on a stainless steel wheel. Suddenly he stops and sits.

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Working Dog Breeding Program

Working Dog Breeding Program


Check out the VMD Curriculum to see what kind of classes you'll be taking. And while you are at it, ​meet some of our students to see what it's like to study at Penn Vet.


Learn about the many ways Penn Vet's world-renowned researchers push the boundaries of scientific discovery by reading about our groundbreaking initiatives and research centers.

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